• Mosul: museum and archive on the front line

    Martin Hall University of Cape Town  www.martinhallfacilitation.org         @fromMartinHall 30 April 2015 Islamic State militia captured Mosul on 10 June last year. By December, there were reports of the destruction of libraries and archives: the Sunni Muslim library, the library of the Latin Church and Monastery of the Dominican Fathers, and the …

  • Networked Heritage 2.0

    Dear members of Networked Heritage! After a hiatus of almost a year, the coordinators of Networked Heritage are reviving the website with fresh and new updates investigating the sociopolitics of of heritage and memory. As the recent destruction of archaeological heritage in the Middle East and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine painstakingly exposes, heritage and memory occupy a …

  • Martin Hall joins the Network!

    We are exited to welcome emeritus professor Martin Hall to the Leiden-Stanford Heritage Network. Martin is a central figure in social archaeology and has widely published on a variety of topics important to the Network. For more information about Martin and his work, see his member page!  

  • New Members

    The Leiden-Stanford network is exited to welcome five new members, whose research takes us to South-Africa, Mexico, Russia, Albania and Estonia! Dr. Jamie Hampson Dr. Gertjan Plets Dana Phelps Lorraine Weekes Sam Holley-Kline