The Leiden-Stanford Heritage Network represents a group of heritage ethnographers, practitioners and scholars committed to establishing an innovative set of contributions to heritage practice. The site establishes a globally accessible resource for those working in the heritage sector – from student ethnographers to established consultants and managers – to develop discussion and debate about the current crises facing the global heritage sphere today. Our purpose is to create a space for productive dialog between those who study heritage landscapes, those who define heritage policy and those who are directly affected by heritage initiatives. Our focus aims at addressing current heritage problematics at both the conceptual and practical levels. Presenting original research that underscores the value of the ethnographic approach for understanding the sociopolitical context of stakeholder groups, we hope to provide a timely discussion on the current institutional frameworks and globalist discourses currently shaping the concept of heritage. Our project is based on a commitment to thinking through practical solutions that can help reshape and rethink the heritage sector in more inclusive and democratic terms.


Editorial Committee:

Lynn Meskell (Stanford Unversity)

Willem Willems (Leiden University)

Peter Pels (Leiden University)

Carolyn Nakamura (Leiden University)

Gertjan Plets (Stanford University)


Editorial policy and copyright

LSHN is an online hub for discussion and research centered on heritage ethnography, practice, management. Each authored post reflects the opinions of its author(s) rather than those of the editorial committee, and remains the intellectual property of its author(s). All texts, sounds, films and images have been posted with the understanding that their authorship will be acknowledged and that they will be made public on the world wide web and we ask that contributors take time to think about copyright and related rights when posting images or text. We ask readers of the site to make the appropriate acknowledgements if quoting, citing, ripping or copying any content.

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